Basic Requirements to Become an Astronaut in India

An astronaut is known as one of the best profession in India and around the world as well. Astronauts basically can live in the outer space for a long period and perform several research and analysis. The astronaut is a profession where you need to do a lot of hard work and keep patience till you achieve your goals. The fact is true that not everyone can become an astronaut and fly in outer space. In India, the ISRO commonly known as Indian Space Research Organization is the only space centre. 

If you wish to become an Astronaut in India then this article will help you know how can you do the same. We will discuss some basic steps to follow so that you get an exact path to become a professional Astronaut in India. To know more kindly continue reading below:

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For every aspiring astronaut, you must be physically able to qualify for this role and have some important skills as well. Let us discuss some of the best qualities for dedicated astronauts below:

  • You want to be physically healthy, there are examinations, mentally sturdy and must have exquisite stamina.
  • You should qualify the criterion of a peak, a specific degree of the top is needed for people to turn out to be an astronaut.
  • You should own great mathematical abilities, and I am no longer speaking about addition, multiplication and so forth.
  • You need to have correct communication abilities, you ought to be suitable at English because there are very excessive chances that human beings you’ll be operating with will no longer also be out of your very own of us.
  • You should have an awesome educational profession and crew spirit because all the space missions are accomplished in teams, and also you must be capable of paintings beneath high strain and in cramped surroundings.

As per educational purpose in India, you’ll begin focusing on your career when you skip the tenth grade. One has to pick out Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as core topics in 12th.

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After you are performed with 12th grade and you’ve got gotten desirable grades, you need to cognizance on an excellent Bachelors degree from a diagnosed university. One should choose a route in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, or Aerospace Engineering. To be able to get a publish-graduation diploma and a doctorate, you want to do well for your undergraduate degree. Post-graduation and doctorate will be specialization for your circulation.

Education and Physical fitness are the two important factors that are highly required to be an Astronaut in India. We hope this article has cleared all your doubts regarding the topic we have discussed.

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