The Progress of Science and Technology In India

Science and technology plays a major role towards the development of a country. India has progressed in the field of science and technology.  All our activities such as job, security, peace, etc. is dependent on it. There have been significant achievements especially in the area of nuclear and space science as well as in the field of defense and electronics. India is among the topmost countries to play a huge role in scientific research.

Achievements in the field of space technology

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As we know, Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) has done done great achievements in the field of space technology all over the world and has made our country proud. Cartosat-3 satellite was launched on 29 November 2019 by the ISRO with the help of PSLV-C47. This proved to be one of India’s important achievements as this satellite is capable of taking closest pictures of any object or entity in space. Chandrayaan-2 mission ,which was the country’s most awaited accomplishment, couldn’t happen due to some flaws but using its advanced technology, ISRO was able to find these flaws and has made plans to re-attempt the mission in the near future. Gaganyaan mission is considered to  be one of our dream projects and has been decided to be launched by 2022.  ISRO has also planned to launch India’s own space station after the success of this mission.

Achievements in the field of defense

Science and technology has helped our nation to achieve the major goal of providing defense mechanisms to the country. Defense Research and Development Organization(DRDO) had introduced Pinaka, an indigenous multi-barrel rocket launch (MBRL) system. It is one of our effective weapon systems. DRDO modified Pinaka MK-II rocket in 2019 in an effort to boost its end accuracy and range. The missile system can strike with high accuracy into enemy territory up to a range of 75 kilometres. Akash is another weapon system introduced by DRDO. Akash Weapon System (AWS) is an indigenously designed and developed  medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile defense system equipped with indigenous surfaces for air supersonic missiles.

Advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence(AI) has become a revolutionary tool in today’s world. It has created various advancements in the field of science and technology. India has undergone economic growth with the help of AI as most of the jobs in industrial sector have been automatised through AI.

Looking at the above achievements and advancements, we can easily tell that as science and technology keep on progressing, it will pave the path to a happy future for our developing nation. India has achieved a significant position in the scientific world today and is moving further towards becoming a developed nation. Science and technology have become the key tools towards the evolution of a country and will surely take our nation to greater heights in future.

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