What is the Main Reason Behind Earthquake?

To start with, earthquake is only because of what we have bombarded all these days. Man is responsible for everything, They say god is creator and has created many beautiful things. One such beautiful thing is Man. But he has only destroyed things and has still been creating nuisance to the environment. To name a few, deforestation and pollution has created lot of issues in the country and that too in a country like India. The citizens of this country are very much irresponsible for their actions. Coming to the point, What is earthquake and how is earthquake measured? Let us discuss about this in brief:

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What is Earth Quake? 

Creation of sesmic waves in the lowest part of earth. This waves makes earth surface shake.  The reason behind this is because of man’s action. The deforestation is the main reason i would say. Cutting down trees and constructing the building will not give revenues to the state or the country. Now that many activists are coming up with many plans wherein the whole plan is to plant as many trees as possible.

Pollution is yet again the main reason for earth quakes. It is very much saddened to understand that each house is having two 2 wheelers and 1 four wheeler. Just in case you want to know the exact stats, total no of four wheelers and the amount of co2 released will give you the exact number. Henceforth, as a responsible citizen you should ensure that electrics cars will replace diesel and petrol engines. Now that tesla and ather have been successful in launching the electric cars and bikes respectively, you will get to know the difference in future.

How is it measured? They have special algorithm called momentum magnitude scale. The second value scale is based on the total release of the earthquake. Moment is a made of the distance a fault moved and the force required to transport it. It is derived from modeling recordings of the earthquake at more than one stations. Moment value estimates are about similar to Richter magnitudes for small to large earthquakes. But handiest the moment significance scale is capable of measuring M8 and greater activities accurately.

We hope this answers most of your doubts regarding how is earthquake measured?. Just in case you have any further questions, you can always ask us in the comments section. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!

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